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One God, One Mind, One Love and One Action.

We are The Nation of יהוה, The Tribe of Judah, God יהוה chosen people – united by our shared faith in one God יהוה  

Who We Are



יהוה בּן יהוה was sent to the lost Sheep of the House of Israel, the ones who fit the allegory of the Black people of America who have been cut off from their history, culture and land," (Matt 15:24)


As a people, the so called black man and woman of America was stripped of their nationality, land, culture, name, and The name of their God (יהוה). It wasn't until the coming of יהוה בּן יהוה  that this knowledge would be restored back to the so called black man and woman. However, the primary and ultimate goal of יהוה is salvation- immediate and eternal salvation to all that believe in His name, and seek to be moral.


יהוה בּן יהוה